Message From President

Dear Colleagues,


This is probably the first open letter. Settling down to pen my views, the very first thought which struck me was: why to have an association like this? How has been the journey of the association thus far, the achievement that the body can boast off and the challenges which lie ahead? In short, what are our objectives as a body and how do we intend achieving them?

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines Association as “a group of people organized for a joint purpose”.

This body can boast itself of an early registration dating as back as ……… It was being seen as an adjunct to the parent body, the Sugar Association. The objective of any association is to bring together its members having common interests. The Charter of our association also contains a clause to that effect.

Over the years, coming together of the members in the form of ICMA has yielded dividend. One of the important results is the availability of a platform to discuss varied issues of common interests – be those concerning market, its expansion, regulatory/ legal matters, and fiscal matters, Exim issues, IPR and many more.

As with life cycle of any product or body, the association witnessed moments of highs in the form of achieving some common goals for its members - be it reduction of excise-duty, rationalization of customs duty, lobbying with the government to unshackle the industry from the SSI fold or giving inputs to the government in bringing about desired amendments to the food legislation, successful representation before the government on allowing ingredients/ additives to be used for confectionery products, espousing concerns of members on exorbitant price increases etc. etc.

Today, when we no more are an affiliate of sugar association, we have to stand on our own feet and in doing so, we have to prepare ourselves such that we not only continue to pursue the common causes but also flourish in terms of membership, our relationship with government, chambers of commerce like FICCI, CII, ICGA etc. infrastructure available to us and our intellectual capability to present views of the industry before different fora. Over the months, the FSSAI has become quite active and has recently issued a few regulations including on confectionery products.

Another common issue which has haunted members for the last several years is the price point for our candies/ toffees. While decades have passed and RM/PM costs increasing significantly over the years, most of our confy products are still stuck at 50 paisa. I specifically looked for any article @ 50P and my market search yielded that today there is no article in packaged form, worth the name, available at this price point. Tackling counterfeits is another menace which affects us all.

Today, we are a rejuvenated body; with new Secretary General in-charge. Time is ripe to have our own administration set-up so that in days to come, the association can have its own identity at a particular location.

It is the need of the hour that we should come forward to strengthen the association in many different ways by enhancing its membership, participation at its periodic meetings, contributing funds for the memorable cause. With your active and sincere participation, the association will gain more and more recognition.

The members, their experiences and the intellect they bring with them, are the key resources of the association. I have no doubt that the times ahead are glorious for the association and I count on your unflinching support to make that happen.

Best Wishes!

Harsh Arora
President: ICMA
Director: Perfetti Van Melle India Pvt. Ltd.

May, 2013

Message From Vice President

Dear Friends,

I’m indeed delighted to accept the role of the Vice- President, ICMA. It is a matter of great pride for me and I would like to thank all the members of the confectionary association for reposing their faith in me to engage and collaborate with the government.

As the confectionary industry grows, we foresee bigger growth opportunities and some key challenges as well. I truly believe that ICMA’s partnership with the government will result in an ambience which helps in surpassing these challenges and fosters growth and development.

Lastly, the power of the consumer is undeniable. We at ICMA stand committed to truly upholding the consumer’s right to Quality Products that offer Value for Money.

I would seek your co-operation and collaboration in driving the spirit of ICMA in India and lead the confectionary industry to a prosperous and sustainable growth path.

Kind Regards,

Shashi Mishra
Vice President, ICMA

Indian Confectionery Manufacturer’s Association
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